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Win with Your Google Adwords ads!
Maximize Your Revenue with Your Google AdSense ads!

All quickly and easily with one simple software application

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Save Money in advertisting costs for all of your pay-per-click ad campaigns!

MaxAdwords helps you quickly and easily find the highest traffic, lowest cost keywords for your Google Adwords campaigns.

Since Google is one of the top search engines in the world ...
You can "bet" that these same keywords will also help you maximize your return on investment (ROI) in all of your pay-per-click advertising campaigns, right?!

Reach more potential customers with Your ads!

MaxAdwords helps you find keywords that you never would have thought of to include in your advertising campaigns!

MaxAdwords shows you exactly how many people have actually recently searched for each of these terms.

Generate more and better targeted traffic to your web site / page(s)!

It's simple ... More specific keywords will convert more surfers / click-throughs into customers! right?

The more specific keywords you use for which your potential customers are actually searching for your specific products the better! right?

Don't waste your time and money advertising to people looking for something else!

MaxAdwords helps you target your ads to only those specific target markets most likely to buy your products now!

Beat your competition!

MaxAdwords shows you exactly how many Adwords campaigns are running for each of your keyword search terms right now!

MaxAdwords shows you exactly how many listings there currently are in Google for a given keyword. This gives you an idea of how many other pages you would have to beat for ranking, if you relied on just traditional free search engine marketing.

It's no secret that the less competition you have, the easier it is for you to make more sales! :) Right?

MaxAdwords helps you chose which keywords you may use for your advertisting campaigns and beat your competitors!

Maximize your revenue with your Adsense banners!

Obviously search terms that have more Adwords campaigns will also be paying more for clickthroughs from your Adsense banner ads, right?!

MaxAdwords helps you identify the search terms to use to optimize your web page(s) keywords and maximize your revenue for all of your Adsense ads!

Don't underestimate the shear power of this simple-to-use software tool!

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What MaxAdwords does for you

You simply type in a base keyword(s) or phrase and MaxAdwords:

Decomposes and expands your keywords or phrase into multiple keywords

Shows you all the variations of how the keyword was searched as well

Shows you how many times each of the keywords was actually recently searched

Shows you exactly how many campaigns are currently running for each keyword

Shows you the popularity of each of the resulting keywords

Shows you the standard search engine competition for each keyword

Allows you to sort all of the results by keyword, popularity, competition or number of current campaigns

Shows you the current listings in Google for a selected keyword with one click

Your Time is Your Money! ... Think about all of your time and your money this simple application will save you!

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FREE Bonus

For a limited time only ...
With your purchase of MaxAdWords you will also get the
Google AdWords Checklist
as a FREE Bonus ...

Google AdWords ChecklistMaximize your profits from Google AdWords and minimize your mistakes with this simple step by step checklist. Competition on Google AdWords is becoming fierce. Make sure you're at the front of pack.

Avoid The Common Mistakes
People Make With Google AdWords

Simple Step By Step Checklist
Will Show You How To Set Up A Profitable
Google AdWords Campaign

Hi, I'm Dave Brown, author of the Google AdWords Checklist, and I've noticed a lot of people having trouble getting started with Google AdWords. Google AdWords is one of the best ways to advertise many products and services. But there may be a few bumps in the road before you get the hang of it.

  • Are you having trouble finding products to market?
  • Are you having trouble coming up with hundreds of different keywords?
  • Are you having trouble with low click through rates?
  • Are you unsure how to set up a campaign?
  • Are you wondering what separates the successes from the failures on Google AdWords?
  • Are you struggling in any way to make a profit using Google AdWords?

If you see other people making money with Google AdWords, and you just can't seem to figure out what their secrets are, then you've found help here. There aren't too many secrets, but there are a lot of details that you need to pay attention to.

If you overlook some of these details, then you may be throwing money away.

Google AdWords allowed me to make my very first affiliate sale online. And in 2003, I had about 18.8 MILLION ads displayed on Google. So you can bet I've developed a pretty good process for setting up new campaigns.

Now, you can use the exact process that I use when I set up a new campaign on Google AdWords. I've put it all down in writing in my Google AdWords Checklist. I'll explain every step that I take from finding a product to getting that first click.

Yours FREE with your purchase of MaxAdWords Today!

axAdWords - Simple software helps You Win with Adwords and AdsenseStart using Your copy of MaxAdwords to Win with Adwords and Adsense Today!

Now that you've realized all of the time and money saving benefits, go ahead and give MaxAdwords a try.  This offer is 100% guaranteed.  If you're not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, simply tell us and you'll get a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.

Yes! I would like to Save My Time and Money, achieve Maximum Return on My advertising investments and generate Maximum Revenue with My ad space with MaxAdwords for only $19.97 Today!


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FREE Special Report to help you Win with Adwords!

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This FREE Special Report will Help You:

Chose the right keywords for your products and Adwords campaigns

Optimize the Click Through Quantity of your ads

Maximize the Click Through Quality for your ads

Set the right budget for your ad campaigns

Track the results and success of your ad campaigns

Answer your questions about Google Adwords

Learn more about Google Adwords

This FREE Special Report also provides you with links to many other FREE and useful resources, tools, sites, etc. to help you Win with Adwords and all of your pay-per-click advertising campaigns!

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P.S.  If you're not 100% convinced that MaxAdwords will help You Save Time and Money, achieve Maximum Return on your advertising investments and generate Maximum Revenue with your ad space, then simply tell us, and we will issue you a prompt and courteous refund.  But take advantage of this risk-free offer today, before time runs out.
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axAdWords - Simple software helps You Win with Adwords and Adsense
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Google Wants to Woo Enterprise Clients Away From AdWords Management Platforms
Two new features add powerful, enterprise-level AdWords management functionality previously available through outside platforms like Kenshoo and Marin. Two other features are unique to Google and will give management solutions a run for their money.

Google Reveals New AdWords Features: App Ads, 'Enterprise' Tools, & More
During a live-stream event today, Google announced three key AdWords updates that will be launched over the next few months – new app ads, more insightful reporting, and enterprise-class tools for efficiency and scale.

This AdWords MCC Script Will Save You An Hour Every Day!
If you’ve kept count of how many of my posts during the past year have touched on AdWords Scripts (6 out of 16), you’ll know how useful I believe they can be to streamline repetitive tasks in AdWords.

Google AdWords cleared in geotagging patent lawsuit
Google AdWords does not infringe a location-based search patent owned by a company called GeoTag, a U.S. judge ruled in a case in which Google and Microsoft teamed up to come to the aid of customers who use their mapping services. Google’s advertising system that lets users display ads alongside search terms does not infringe on a part of the patent in suit, the U.S. District Court for the ...

What Do Google's Earnings Reports Tell Us About AdWords Trends?
Google published their quarterly earnings last week, but they tell us quite a lot about what is happening on AdWords across the market. Paid search budgets are growing. But what's the story with mobile and why aren't CPCs rising?

10+ New Features Coming to AdWords: What You Need To Know
Advertisers have been running scared ever since Google announced that they’d be releasing some big new changes to […] Author information Larry Kim Larry Kim is the Founder/CTO of WordStream , a provider of PPC Management Tools. Twitter Google+ The post 10+ New Features Coming to AdWords: What You Need To Know appeared first on Search Engine Journal .

Google’s “Step Inside AdWords” News: Features For App Ads, More UI Tools, No Wild Surprises
Anticipation has been running high among paid search marketers about what today’s AdWords announcement — dubbed “Step Inside AdWords — might hold, since Google began teasing the news . However, any fears of drastic changes in the vein of last year’s move to enhanced campaigns will be quelled — to a still calm.

Google Unveils New Ad Features And Tools
Google held an AdWords announcement event today to reveal a number of new things for Google search ads, the Display Network, YouTube and AdMob. Here’s the full keynote: A new AdMob feature will enable advertisers to target people based on …

SearchCap: Recapping Google’s “Step Inside AdWords” News Event
Everybody loves progress, but nobody likes change. This adage is particularly true any time Google announces major upgrades to AdWords. If recent comments on Twitter are any indication, Google this morning was gearing up to pull your hair, throw sand in your face and take your lunch money.

AdWords Retiring Regular PLA Campaigns in Favor of Shopping Campaigns
Google AdWords announced today that by the end of August 2014, regular Product Listing Ads (PLA) campaigns will be going away in favor of "Shopping" campaigns. AdWords is asking all PLA advertisers to upgrade before campaigns are auto-upgraded.

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